Our Community

As a family-owned and operated business, Car Park understands the importance of community involvement and the environment. The two play crucial roles in the type of world we want to leave for the next generation. Throughout the years, Car Park Management has sponsored local sports teams as well as local charities such as the annual Sashbear Borderline Walk.

Strong support programs help us all, whether it is through sports or charities. By giving back to our communities, we can help support overall health in our society.

Car Park is also proudly invested in green technologies such as supporting local start up companies who are driven to reduce waste by reusing, recycling and reducing our consumption of valuable resources. Mirroring the manner in which we run our company, Car Park carries its philosophy of comprehensive, forward thinking to all of its endeavors.

Collaborating to make a bigger difference. Working together with other organizations creates a bigger impact and gets us further into our mission to make a difference.
Building Up is Toronto’s leading social contractor. Our experienced tradespeople collaborate with trainees previously facing barriers to employment to provide Toronto with a range of high quality construction services.